Self Help Alternative for Email Marketing

New news has come out in the last few weeks that may affect home business owners. The news is related to the email marketing. In recent weeks  several of the larger email marketing companies such as constant contact and aweber have banned internet marketing and make money on the internet email lists and marketers from using their services.

This has been interesting news for those who use these services for their online marketing campaigns. It seems to align with recent trends of larger companies attacking or blanket attacking a  segment of the market.

the purpose, I believe, was to help eliminate the chances of email spam from ending up in the inboxes of many people who subscribe to these types of lists. However the intent may be good but we will see how it plays out in the end.

Of course, when these sort of things happen the market is usually ready or able to come up with a solution. For example for those in this field there is a new product out on the market.  It is an alternative to using a big list management company such as constant contact. That alternative is to control your email listing yourself from a self hosted wordpress blog.  This product is called Rapid Mailer. I found a link to it on this website about Real Marketing Masters.

It looks like a promising alternative to paying a monthly fee to one of the big autoresponder companies even for those who are not in the make money online market

It is a great solution for those looking for self help alternatives too. I have checked into it some and it looks like a pretty awesome wordpress plugin. The features this product has go way beyond what even the top email marketing companies offer with their list management tools.

If you are interested in this type of tool for self help then check out the link above which will take to a page that will tell you more about it.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you use a large email management company? Would you be interested in using a self help alternative such as this?

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Self Help Techniques for Acne Sufferers

Self help is one of my favorite topics on this blog and as an acne sufferer I am of course always looking for great ways to get rid of my acne and large pores.

If you suffer from acne or black heads as well then stay tuned and find great selof help ways to reduce that acne and shrink those pores.

First off I found a great video about one of the most self help way to keep that acne under control:

Here is a written version of the routine in this video:

1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser.

2. slather a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel over face. The key to this regimen is to not be sparse with your benzoyl peroxide gel. It works better if you cover all the areas of the face where acne regularly occurs with a good layer of this gel. Allow to sit on the skin for ten to twenty minutes, then wipe off with a dry piece of tissue.

3. Moisturize. Use a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic.

note: studies have shown that a 2.5% benzoly peroxide gel is as effective as a 10% for fighting acne but without over drying or irritating the skin so a 2.5% is great.

This is the regimen I use every day, twice a day to keep my adult acne down. I also personally the medication, which is a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel.

On top of that I also use a salicylic acid facial toner each day which I have found to be super effective at keeping my pores clean and reducing my acne quite a bit. The difference it makes to use a 10% salicylic acid could mean the difference between literally no acne a just a little bit of acne, so consider well using a salicylic acid in your daily skin care routine.

Besides a regular facial cleansing routine to reduce acne you may want to consider an acne medication if you have severe acne. This is usually something you have to get from your doctor by prescription. Accutane is a prescription medication for the treatment of moderate to severe acne.

Although Accutane is not necessarily a self help way of dealing with acne it may be necessary to use something this strong if your acne is severe.

One more thing that will greatly help you if you suffer from acne is to switch to a non-organic makeup such as mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is made from the naturalo minerals of the earth, it won’t clog pores or irritate acne and as an added bonus it is a natural sun screen.

I hope you have found something useful that will help you to combat your acne better.







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New Self Help Information for Cellulite Reduction

Interesting information is now available to help you with cellulite reduction. A new program called Symulast Naked Beauty by Medical Women’s Body Enhancement Specialist, Joey Atlas has made it’s debut.

The program is a result of Joey’s 22 plus years as a women’s body enhancement specialist and an expert specifically in the field of cellulite reduction.

Joey claims to have helped thousands of women around the world to reduce the cellulite on their hips, thighs, and butt with His Symulast program.

According to Wikipedia there is no cure for cellulite:

“Numerous therapies for the treatment of cellulite are available, but empirical evidence for the efficacy of these strategies is limited.[3] In an interview with the New York Times, Molly Wanner, an instructor in dermatology at Harvard Medical School and an author of a 2008 evidence-based review of existing treatments, asserted: “At this point, there is no outstanding treatment for cellulite.”[13] Michael F. McGuire, a clinical associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, confirmed that, “realistically, there is no cure for cellulite.”[13]“

However, according to Joey Atlas, his Symulast program is a work out program that is designed to tighten up the loose and atrophied muscles of the upper thighs to plump them out and fill in the creases and dimples.

His therory is that Cellulite is a result of muscles the have atrophied from lack of proper use. In promoting his program he claims to have helped thousands of women and through his discovery of the lower body exercises that work he has put together a program of movements that firm up the muscles below and plump out the skin to fill in the dimples and wrinkles, giving the skin the support it needs to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This may be great news for those in the self help field because if there really is a way to banish or at least reduce the appearance of cellulite then it will help those who have it to gain a greater figure.

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TCA Chemical Peel Instructions for Self Help

Today I was browsing the internet and ran across a great at home tca chemical peel guide. The guide was a great self help guide for anyone that is looking for ways to achieve great results at skin resurfacing at a fraction of the cost.

Skin resurfacing especially with a chemical such as TCA is a great self help improvement technique that is used by thousands of people to remove acne scars, brown spots, premature wrinkles and fine lines.

This new guide caught my interest because it is a do it yourself guide for home use of a TCA peel.

The author, Jen Parker describes herself as an experienced peeler. The book cover claims to show you how to do an at home TCA chemical peel for as little as $5.00 USD.

The description describes the book as a step by step documentation of the authors applying a facial peel of medium to deep strength and includes photos as well as instructions and other resources useful to the skin care and anti aging niche.

If skin resurfacing or removing scars or brown spots is of interest to you then this is a guide that you may want to look into.

Among the benefits of peeling listed on the website includes scar removal, brighter and whiter skin, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles.

The author also goes on to describe her story of how she came to begin her own chemical peeling at home. As a single mother of 5 children she found herself searching for ways to improve the appearance of her skin.

She describes how she went to see a doctor who suggested a series of chemical peels to resurface her skin and remove brown spots and acne scars as well as the fine lines appearing on the forehead.

She was impressed by the results and was interested in proceeding but was turned off when the price of chemical peeling was given to her. She simply could not afford it with the expense of raising five children so she began to research how to do chemical peeling on her own.

This study led her to find resources to do her own peeling for a fraction of the cost of what she would have paid at the doctors office.

After her own series of peels she put together an ebook documenting the process she uses for peeling safely and effectively at home.

Her book is available at

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Learning how to improve your singing voice video available

I’ve been browsing the web again and being a person who loves to sing and learn new techniques to improve my vocal range and agility I found a website with a great video about how to improve your singing voice in days.

I think the video was great on this page, it was put together by a top vocal coach to thousands. His name is Aaron Anastaci. He lives in Los Angeles California and he works with up and coming vocal stars and professional singers.

There is plenty of juicy information on the above website about the what Aaron calls the three things you need to know to take your singing voice from mediocre to great. I think Aaron knows his stuff and with his track record and hundreds of rave reviews from his students and fans it’s definitely a video worth watching.

I recommend you turn up your speakers and watch the entire video clear through. I am currently singing in the choir at my church and people remark constantly about how great my voice and range is. I sing in my head voice, hitting the high notes in the soprano parts with ease and it is all due to the same techniques that Aaron teaches. He knows his stuff and gives you real vocal exercises that strengthen the vocal chords as the muscle that they are.

Many vocal teachers use the old college method of singing lessons. They teach you stupid techniques like imagining pinching a quarter between your butt cheeks and put the air out to sing high notes. This is terrible for the vocal chords and doing so could actually damage them if too much pressure is put on them. If a vocal teacher tells you to do this then run, run fast because this it the wrong way.

The truth is that as you go up the scale your vocal chords should zip up like a zipper making it so less air is needed to sing high notes, not more. Aaron’s exercises work the vocal chords to properly zip up as they should. This is called a “connection”, when they zip up properly and have the muscle strength to hold a high note without strain.

I think I would like to meet Aaron in person. I was given singing lessons by a vocal coach years ago, and I can tell you it gets to be pretty expensive. That is one reason I suggest that you watch Aaron’s video clear through. Because you are going to save yourself a bundle by going this way.

So if you are like me and always wanting to learn new and great techniques about how to improve your singing than you will want to watch Aaron’s video.

I highly recommend it if you are struggling with your voice lessons and especially if you have any upcoming gigs or singing engagements. It is well worth it.

Great day to all!

-Sue Lovejoy

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